Chocolate Consulting is teaming up with internet security experts, VeriSign, to provide a plethora of security products for internet gaming. The software will protect gaming operators from costs related to denial of service and account takeovers.

The two products in development include:

  • VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP)
  • VeriSign Internet Defense Network (VIDN)

VeriSign Identity Protection or VIP is a real-time authentication system that safeguards player’s accounts from being hacked and controlled by third parties. Aside from the primary costs, it also helps online casino operators save money from having to conduct a thorough investigation of account takeover. This product is used worldwide in many other industries but is currently being tweaked for gaming.

The combination of trust from VeriSign customers and protection makes this an appealing option for casino operators. Chocolate Consulting is playing the role of advertising and marketing the product to online gaming sites. VIP will significantly increase the level of banking security that players are offered. A nice feature of the software is that it can be fine-tuned for mobile gaming applications without the need for additional hardware.

VeriSign Internet Defense Network or VIDN prevents Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on gaming sites. These attacks typically result in a few hours of downtime. In the competitive gaming industry, an operator can lose millions of dollars during these few hours. DDoS attacks have evolved so much that they cannot even be detected or prevented. In other sectors, VIDN has proven to be an extremely successful security measure.

The software has intelligent detection of DDoS attacks as well as remediation capabilities. Chocolate Consulting is also helping VeriSign to market this much-needed program. In the past six months, the number of DDoS attacks on gaming sites and intensity has increased considerably.

Chocolate Consulting and VeriSign have identified an area of online gaming that should have been addressed and evolved since conception. In addition to their partnership, together they are sponsoring the International Gaming Expo 2010 in London.

The result of the partnership between these two companies is an excellent, much-needed product for the online gaming industry. VeriSign is globally recognized as a name customers can trust. In an industry where large sums of money are flowing at all times, customers want to know that they are safe to play at certain websites. With the addition of the VeriSign logo, now they will gain peace of mind.